Computer Services @ Your
Neighborhood Office

Phone: 212-989-8303 | Fax: 212-691-8661

We offer a full array of computer-related services.

We can come your home or you can drop your computer off at our store.

Home Computer Visits

  • Home visits are billed at $100/hr
  • Appointments can be made by calling us:
    • 212-989-8303 during business hours
    • (M-F 8a-7p. Saturday 9:30a-5p)

Computer Repairs & Miscellaneous Computer Jobs

  • Repair jobs that require a diagnostic test must be done at the store – diagnostic tests take a long time & doing them on site is not practical
  • Call to determine whether your job will require your computer to be brought in or can be done on site. It is generally much cheaper for us to do your job at our store.
  • We offer pickup & return service for your computer.
    • Pickup is $50
    • Return (which includes setup of your peripherals & re-connecting to the Internet) is $100

List of full services and prices.

S O F T W A R E   S E R V I C E S   &   R E P A I R 
New PC Setup Includes –

  • Initial system Setup
  • Apply current Windows Security
  • Updates
  • Uninstall unwanted programs
  • Installation of 1 software title of your choice
  • Transfer of your data*

*Up to 10 gigabytes. After 10gb, charge is $1 per gb. Data transfer does not include customized transfers, like seamless transfer of AOL mail, Outlook mail, etc. These jobs are done on request & pricing varies, based on how complex the transfer, i.e.:
· AOL offline mail transfer – $100+
· Outlook Mail Transfer – $50+
· iTunes install + settings transfer – $50+, etc.

Ask us for a quote!

Antivirus/Antispyware Purchase, Setup & Install* –

*Anti-virus program will need to be renewed in 1 year – Antispyware program is a one-time purchase


Spyware/Virus Removal*

*Manual – ( if it can be done without format/reinstall )


*If you are not requesting a specific job, a repair diagnostic fee is required for us to determine the problem.


Includes –

  • Backup/Restore of your personal data – (Not software***)
  • Re-install of operating system/drivers or restore to factory settings
  • Place data back on
    • Installation of 2 pieces of software included with price.

*if able to factory restore w/drivers
**if no backup cds/drivers provided – + cost of media if needed to get from manufacturer
***Up to 10 gigabyte – after 10gb, charged at $1 per gb.



D A T A   R E C O V E R Y 
Data Recovery (hard drive failing)$200-$300
Data Recovery (hard drive failed but spinning)$800 + cost of media
Data Recovery (physical failure)$1,000+
Software Installation (per title)

*Suites like Adobe Creative Suite are charged @ $25 per title.


H A R D W A R E – R E P A I R S 

*If you are not requesting a specific job, a repair diagnostic fee is required for us to determine the problem.

Notebook Hardware Repairs(PC)$150-$300 + cost of part
Notebook LCD Repair (PC)$300 + cost of part
Desktop Repair (PC)$100-$250 + cost of part
Macintosh Hardware Repair/Replacements (Desktops & Notebooks)$200-$400 + cost of part
Hard Drive Install / Upgrade
(Includes FULL data transfer if older drive is healthy)

*For some laptops/Apple models additional costs may apply

$100* + cost of part

Memory/Basic Internal Peripheral Install

*For some laptops/Apple models additional costs may apply

Data Wipe / Computer Disposal$50


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